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The collection spans five centuries and boasts strong holdings of 19th and 20th century French, British, American, and Canadian clothing and accessories. Numbering over 10,000 pieces, the collection has been recognized as one of the finest in Canada.

View of 20th century storage.jpg
Seaside cotton afternoon dress, c. 1886.jpg
Silver platform boots by Master John, Toronto, c. 1973.jpg
Linen beach pyjamas, c. 1932.jpg
English silk brocade dress, c. 1765.jpg

Our ‘Fashion in the Making’ collection consists of annual additions of garments and accessories that represent a Canadian version of a leading contemporary trend.

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau wearing Lucian Mathis dress 2016
Evening dress by Lucian Mathis.jpeg
Sweater coat made from upcycled sweaters by Waterloo wearable artist Nildan Atsiz, 2019
Douglas Coupland for Roots, 2010.jpg
Bathing suit made from pre-consumer nylon waste by Saltwater Collective, Toronto, 2019.jpg
Motherboard print lycra yoga pants and tank top by Douglas Coupland for Roots, 2010.jpg
Masks by Hoax Couture, Toronto, Spring 2020.jpg
Manitobah mukluks, 2017.jpg
Canada Goose parka, 2013.jpg
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