Employment: We are a small museum with minimal core funding, so our employment opportunities are tied to successful grant applications, usually for summer employment, or 10 month Young Canada Works grants. 

Internship: We take two interns per year for placement credits - usually in the field of museology and conservation. 

Volunteering: Opportunities for volunteer work are not possible right now during COVID-19. We will be creating specific volunteer positions in hospitality and social committees, as well as conservation sewing work (padding hangers eg.)


Two Positions Now Available

The Fashion History Museum is happy to announce that we have received funding for hiring two new staff. The funding is part of a Federal $12 million supplementary recovery fund devoted to Young Canada Work - Heritage Program, which aims to create over 1,200 additional jobs for young people in the heritage, arts and culture sectors.

The $27,000 in funding provided to the FHM will create two positions for post-graduate youths to work at the museum for 29 weeks; one position is to work as an administrative assistant, the other is as a curatorial assistant. Both positions begin September 7, 2021.

For those interested in applying for either of these positions go to: https://www.canada.ca/en/canadian-heritage/services/funding/young-canada-works/students-graduates/careers-heritage-graduates.html

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Submit this applications if you are interested in pursuing employment, an internship, or a volunteer placement with the FHM. Please link resumes through Google Drive.

Thanks for submitting!