2008    798 Pages    (Condé Nast) - excellent condition


296 Vogue.com
312 Editor's Letter
346, 354 Masthead
362 Talking Back: Letters from readers
380 Contributors
400 Up Front: After discovering her husband's Internet-fueled drug addiction, Meredith Yates struggled to find compassion amid a deepening rage
416 Nostalgia: A small role in a film first few Susanna Moore to Los Angeles; script reading for Warren Beatty and the seductive outdoor life kept her there
426 Fiction: From the author of Sex and the City comes One Fifth Avenue, a racy new novel about a premium address with a revolving door of delicious characters. Eve MacSweeney talks to Candance Bushnell about her latest tale

445 It Girl: Lou Doillon and her new clothing line
448 Norwich Notes: Manhattan's latest hot spot
463 Dispatch: Olga of Greece if Tajikistan
472 Talking Fashion: A long day
481 Vogue Moment: Michelle Obama on the campaign trail
482 Modern Manners: Talking politics
482: Overheard: What's hot, cool, new, and next
491 Life with André: By André Leon Talley

500 The Masters: When the spirit of the season is telling us to invest carefully in pieces that will endure, how does one buy wisely? By turning to the designers who've perfected their niches, Vogue picks the best of the best
543 Gilty Pleasures: With its 24K fur, Fendi sets a new gold standard. Robert Sullivan reports
546 Becoming Jane: This season, fashion has a thing for Fonda - and the look she made famous in Klute. Lynn Yaeger looks back
554 Straight Lace: How a fabric so closely associated with doilies and "I do's" found its way back into favor. By Sarah Mower
562 Sari, Right Number!: A veteran designer, with her latest collection and something smart and affordable for everyone
564 Välkommen, Acne!: A different kind of Stockholm syndrome is sitting in Stateside. Jane Herman investigates
580 Fortune Hunters: An unlikely guy from Southern California launches a line of shipshape jewels
582 Ask Mrs. Exeter: How to dress on less
588 Closet Case: A London knitwear designer expands her oeuvre with the debut of textiles as lush as her sweaters
590 Who's That Bag?: Sometimes a beautifully made, no-logo, no-fuss satchel is all you really want
595: Margiela, Be Mine: Sarah Mower lauds a most elusive designer in the midst of his first retrospective

Vogue, September 2008

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