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240 Life with André
By André Leon Talley
275 Nostalgia
Were the seeds of female liberation sown in the kitchen? A writer remembers the dreams, the dinner parties, and the dress that defined the postwar period
365 Talking Fashion
with Norwich Notes

427 The others
Commerical lines - a flock of pretty dresses by Oscar, Prada, and YSL - are, as Sarah Mower reports, no longer the dumbed-down sisters of their runway counterparts. They are the clothes that women want to wear
430 The price of admission
From $17 to $18,000, Vogue picks the top fall pieces and shows why they are worth every penny
443 The new old thing
Vintage clothes can cost almost as much as new clothes (also ridiculously expensive) that look old - what's the best investment?
446 Freshly squeezed
Juicy loyalists get ready to accessorize as the label debuts fancy handbags and jewelry for fall
452 Positive feedback
On eBay, where buyers are quickly becoming sellers and sellers are turning into online boutique owners, fashion follows its own rules
462 Break it down
Roland Mouret has taken his obsession with couture tailoring to a wider market while retaining a handmade feel. Here, he deconstrcts for Mark Holgate what goes into the making of a $2,300 suit
464 What price glory?
Fashion buyers help Robert Sullivan get to the bottom of why prices are so high these days - and what pieces will fly off the racks, regardless
468 Cashing in
A jew