754 Pages    (Condé Nast) - some folded page corners as bookmarks inside, otherwise excellent


224 Life with André Leon Talley
242 Nostalgia
As a starry-eyed college girl, Amy Wilentz had a brush with Warren Beatty. Thirty years later, she catches up with generation's most elusive sex symbol
359 Talking fashion
With Norwich Notes
405 What's you shape? 
The fall runways revealed a whole new fashion geometry: silhouettes of radically different form and function. Here, six real-world women wear the look that suits them best. Which one are you? 
476 Excessive behavior+++++
When belts have their own purses and notebooks get their own belts, where, asks Robert Sullivan, does the accessorization of accessories end? 
489 Divine comedy
Legge & Braine stirs up trouble with wickedly whimsical jewelry
490 Moody indigo
The skinny jean is a tricky little trend: difficult to wear, almost impossible to ignore. Jane Herman deals with her denim anxiety
494 Going for broke
Crazy-chic jeans for well under 100 bucks? Believe it
494 Twinset 
Lutz & Patmos knits cool, Cashin-worthy cashmeres for Coach
498 Coming clean
The care tag reads DRY-CLEAN ONLY. But what exactly does that mean? Industry professionals confess
500 The color: purple
In a palette of fine wines, Sergio Rossi boots are stamping hot
502 One for all
A new downtown store redefines transparancy
504 As Mrs. Exeter 
At a certain age, are poet sleeves poetry - or poor taste? Our indefatigable style adviser speaks about the season's voluminous blouses
512 Need it now
607 Point of view
608 The last waltz
An art devotee dances through old Vienna, amassing a collection of the best modern paintings - and the best urban-modern skirts and dresses
626 Natural selection
Get into the thrill of the hunt: seeking fox and mink and all manner of fur trim in the unlikeliest of places
640 Teen queen
Marie Antoinette - played by Kirsten Dunst in Sofia Coppola's stunning new film - used her distinctive personal style to defy the rigid etiquette and scheming courtiers of Versailles. Kennedy Fraser looks at the high-spirited life and tragic fate of the young royal
648 The height of fashion
In her captivating new biography, Caroline Weber describes how Marie Antoinette revolutionized the royal wardrobe. Even the queen's hairstyle - the infamous pouf - was a sign of her hold on the French imagination
660 Fight club
Four radical designers from Japan aren't content with the status quo. SARAH Mower investigates their rebellious urbanism
696 Speak volumes
Change is in the autumn air: With innovative shapes, bulkier layering, and strikingly amplified silhouettes, designers are experimenting with new proportions
702 The Maine event
Tartan, the woolly stuff of foggy fall mornings and cool, craggy coasts, is the centerpiece of a new haute grunge look
716 Toughen up
There's a brazen mood this fall: Accessories are strog=ng (and so are the urban warriors who wear them)

Vogue, September 2006

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