1985    756 Pages    (Condé Nast), Spine darkened from age, cover wear, otherwise excellent.


238 Fashion: The Inside Story. By Barbaralee Diamonstein
474 A New Groove - Fashion and Music. By Kathleen Beckett
536 The New York Collections at Stores Across the Country
564-604 Vogue's View: People, Places...Ideas. By André Leon Talley
609 Point of View: Everything You Need To Know About Fashion This Fall
610-613 The Season Takes Shapes
614-619 The Season Takes Shape...at Geoffrey Beene
620-631 Evening...in All Its Glory!
632-639 What Stands Out This Season
640-645 A Different Kind of Glamour...at Bill Blass
646-653 Fast-Track Furs...Nonstop Style
654-659 A Change of Pace
660-663 A Perfect Pair: Great Leather/Great Coats
687-687 Women Dressing Other Women
688 Dinner Variations
690-695 Celebrating Italy: Standout Jacket Dressing
704 Evenings...with a Flash of Color!
706-719 Terrific: The Modern Beat of Day Dressing
722 Tapestry - the Ornamental Touch
724-731 Real Character...on the Casual Side of Dressing
732 Last Word

54 Beauty Now/Cover Look: Innovative
94 BeautyStyle. By Andrea Robinson and Dorothy Schefer
181 Health. By Melva Weber
223 Beauty Now: Skin Smoothing. By Shari Miller Simms
252, 272 Hair Now
256 Beauty Q&A
264 Beauty Now: Eyes Only
296 Shape-Up Now: Spa Only
316 Mind Health. By Carol Tavris, Ph.D.
332 Beauty Now: Focus on Hands, Nails
348 Beauty Now: Model Kim Alexis and her mother Barbara
366 Kidney Stones: Underwater Cure. By Melva Weber
386 Fitness Now: Dancing. By Jane Ogle
403 Shape-Up Now: Exerciser at Sea. By Richard Alleman
422 The Inner Game of Medicine. By David Hilfiker, M.D.
445 Fitness Now: What's News
682 Living Up to the Legend: Coco
696-703 Fall Beauty: Color Flash '85
700-703 Color News '85. By Andrea Robinson and Dorothy Schefer
720 Amazing Meta-Medicine Show. By Joseph R. Hixson
734-742 HealthStyle: "Mood" Music...Safety Moves...more
738 Your Well-Being. By Barbara Lang Stern
740 Your Diet: Diet Books - Rated. By Judith S. Stern, Sc.D.

96-143 What's News, What's Coming: Movies, Art, TV...more
146 Between Us. By Lorraine Davis
276 Money: The Best Investment Now. By Marion Asnes
345 Concentration. By Daniel Goleman
410 Letter from London. By Bill Buford
438 Jane O'Reily On...Courage
466 Cars and Women. Contributed by Marilyn King
492-512 Talking About Books: What's Best This Month
664-667 Richard Avedon: Under Western Eyes. By Kay Larson
668-673 Art in Discoland. By Barbara Rose
674 Anjelica Huston: A Born Knock-Out. By Joan Juliet Buck
676 Bernadette Peters and Peter Martins. By Joan Juliet Buck
678-681 The Porn Debates
678 Does Porn Hurt Women? By Hilary Johnson
679 Fear of Porn: An interview with Carole S. Vance
681 Porn Vigilantes. By Harriet F. Pilpel
690-695 Celebrating Italy
690 A Love Letter. By Germaine Greer
693 Italian Pleasures in New York. By Gini Alhadeff

514 The Best of Wines. By Martin Gersh
520 Food in Vogue: Light Enticements. By Barbara Kafka
528 Entertaining. By André Leon Talley
530, 533 Living. By Barbara Plumb

540 Travel Now. By Richard Alleman
544 This Year at Badgastein. By Despina Messinesi
551 Vogue Travel Guide
552 Hollywood as History. By Richard Alleman
558 A Country House - in Provence. By Olga Carlisle

Vogue, September 1985