556 Pages. Cover detached and minor abrasions from shelf wear, otherwise complete and good condition. 


116 Letters to Vogue's View
170 Fabulous Furs...And What You Need To Know About Them
238, 242 What Our Editors Are Talking About...Accessories, Lingerie
260 First Choices for Fall: A New Suit, A Working Bag
270 American Shoulders - U.S. Designers Focus In 
374, 376 Paris/Rome Couture - Key Looks from Eleven Designers
392 Fashion Q&A
421 American Style at Its Best - At Stores Across the Country
422 Vogue's View: People, Places...Ideas. Edited by June Weir
445 Point of View: The Best Clothes For the Way You live Now
446-537 N.Y. Bravo! - The Style and Spirit of the New York Collections
510-517 Star Performers - The New Dinner Suits

92, 99 Beauty Now
126, 306 Beauty Now
134 Beauty Q&A
160, 167 Hair Now
173 His Health Now. By Phyllis Lehmann
174 Fitness Now. By Jack H. Wilmore, Ph.D.
187 Health. By Melva Weber
326 Fragrance Now
380 Shape-up Now
418 Deep Breathing. By Barbara Lang Stern
482-487 Foolproof Beauty - The new makeup colors, the new haircut
488-491 Facts on Sleep. By Jane Ogle
530 Inner Info: Your Ears. By Melva Weber

46 What's News: Movies, Art, Books, Recordings, Restaurants, Dance, TV, Collecting
103 Between Us. By Lorraine Davis
140 Talking About...Art. By Barbara Rose
208 MBA-Degree Magic. By William Flanagan
222 Talking About...TV. By Diane English
246 Taxes: Job-Hunting Expenses. By Julian Block
268 Poetry: Clear-Sighted John Ashbery
276 Rules To Add Gas Mileage. By Lilian Borgeson
292 Your Clothes, Politics, and Power. By Gloria Emerson
324 What Women Add to Serious Music. By Ned Rorem
329 Writing Letters: A Gift of Yourself. By Suzanne McNear
332 Talking About...Collecting. By Judith Goldman
338 Pacing Your Career. By Gloria Norris and Jo Anne Miller
388 Changing Views on Age. By Sandi Cushman
492 People Are Talking About...People
493 "Apocalypse Now": Eleanor and Francis Coppola
494-499 Leningrad: A City of Mystery. By Joseph Brodsky
500 The Search for Patrick Henry Bruce. By Barbara Rose
502 Margaret Thatcher. By Rebecca West; by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.
554 Household Helpers: Their Changing Needs. By Lisa Berger

230 Living: Ideas and Trends. By Barbara Plumb
282 Office Greenery Can Warm Up People. By Ma Anand Prita
308 Food: Crowd Pleasers from a West Coast Hostess
504-509 The Generious Life: Quintessential California Living
538 Decanting: How To Let Wines Breathe. By Barbara Ensrud

399 Travel Now
400 Kenya. By Lorraine Davis

16 Masthead
16 Your Letters
285 Horoscope. By Maria Elise Crummere
547 Vogue To Go

Vogue, September 1979

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