302 Pages    (Conde Nast). minor edge wear to spine and cover



COVER: Vogue's report on the New York Collections opening on a cloud of romance- the softest pale blue swansdown curved over an empire-waisted evening dress of blue chiffon drifted past the ankle. Delicious with it- the faintest blush of colour on the skin, clear eyes, opened wide by a bolt of sky-blue lightening under the brow, pale tawny glow on the lips...
Vogue's eye view: the New York Collections
A special report on American fashion
This year's fashion from Norman Norell
Further bulletin on the New York Collections
Paris: the news as we see it
Private wire from everywhere
"portrait in blue" by Eleanor Clark
Private line from London by Virginia Cowles
Fizz, bubbly, pop by Evelyn Waugh
People are talking about... Oskar Werner
Calendar of creativity by Harold Rosenberg
The alarming qualities of Ivy Compton-Burnett by Polly Devlin
The private jokes of Federico Fellini by Eugene Walter
Inkfish and the Shark Kabob by Francine du Plessix Gray
A second fame: goof food
Beauty checkout
Beauty bulletin: the zap and clang of the new looks
Prix de Paris: vogue's talent search for college girls
Vogue's notebook: the swan ball in Nashville, Tennessee
Vogue's notebook: the debut of Miss Susan Engelhard in New Jersey
Vogue's notebook: a party in brussels ay Baron Leon Lambert's
Vogue's notebook: the Guy de Rothschild's ball in France
Vogue's notebook: travel by Despina Messinesi
Vogue's notebook: theatre by Ivan Morris
Vogue's notebook: movies by Pauline Kael
Vogue's notebook: books by Elizabeth Hardwick
Vogue's notebook: a gala near Paris at Don Carlos de Beistegui's 
Vogue's own boutique of suggestions, finds, observations, Vogue's shop hound
Vogue's travelog
Vogue's school directory

Vogue, September 1, 1965

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