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298 Up Front
When a dynamic Frenchwoman burst into Susan Bell's life and became her father's lover, her world turned upside down - in a good way
312 Nostalgia
As a fledging author in New Orleans, Valerie Martin found inspiration - and her next novels heroine - in the singer Ronee Blakely

325 It Girl
Marion Cotillard has soigné style to spare
328 Norwich Noes
Society on the big screen
334 Talking Fashion
Stripes for the picking
336 Q & A
Naomi Watts chats us up
344 Dispatch
Fashion goes on holiday
348 Overheard
What's cool, hot, new, and next
350 Life With André
By André Leon Talley

people are talking about
383 Theater
Mary-Louise Parker returns to the stage in Sarah Ruhl's enchanting Dead Man's Cell Phone, writes Adam Green
386 Talent
Kelli O'Hara stars in South Pacific
388 Movies
A French romp, a German thriller, and an homage to Hitchcock - this month's best firms will keep you guessing. John Powers reviews
395 Lives
To guide them through a volatile election season, Americans are turning to Washington Week's Gwen Ifill as a sane voice amid the hoopla. By Julia Reed
403 Tennis
Two greats prepare to meet at Madison Square Garden
404 Travel
Richard Alleman explores the plane that brings flying to new heights
404 Exhibition
Naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian is celebrated at Amsterdam's Rembrandt House
406 Photography
A show of Irving Penn's still lives reveals the master at his best
408 Music
March brings a resurgence of talented twosomes
410 TV
Founding Fathers, glamorous working girls, and classic musical comedies give Joan Juliet Buck the perfect spring mix
414 Scene
Claridge's Fumoir is revived
416 Books
Ceridwen Dovey's Blood Kin: Samantha Power's chronicle of one of the U.N.'s most iconic figures. Plus, Rebecca Johnson's novel and "Brave Hearts"
420 Food
Armed with liquid nitrogen, Jeffrey Steingarten tests the limits of the modern dessert

Vogue, March 2008

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