1989    808 Pages    (Condé Nast) front cover damaged with nickle sized hole at top, minor shelf wear. 


88 Fashion clips: By Page Hill Starzinger
113-206 Vogue's view: The news is fabric: paisley, iridescent, prints by artist/designer Konstantin Kakanias, blanket weaves...Vicki Woods talks to designer Charlotte Neuville...Gordon Henderson and Michael Leva: two young designers to watch
220 Elements: Belts and bags in rich, natural leather
240 Fur report: Page Hill Starzinger watches the latest furs go by
274 Voguestyle...at stores across the country
643 Point of view
644 New York news: New York designers who count the city - and its women - as their inspiration
656 Camel's back: Once strictly casual, camel is this season's urbane neutral
666 Bronze cast: Designers move toward a witty palette: substituting bronze for gold
676 Jet set: Black for evening takes on a new look - with shine, sequins, even beads
684 The short form: Harking back to the Twiggy look: swingy dresses, loud colors, short skirts
692 The straight and narrow: The long, curvy column dress comes with cutouts, is decorated with sequins, or drapes like a toga
698 Great pretenders: Fake fur is often refined enough to substitute for the real thing
716 Dressed to kill: Bridget Fonda in designers' favorite silhouette for fall: the dressing gown
783 Beyond the kilt: Plaids never looked like this before - sequined, cut into sexy evening dresses. Actress And MacDowell shows them off
744 Dress gray: Today's gray: not just for Wall Street
763-808 Talking...: Stars save face...Fall's most outrageous clothes...Julia Reed talks to designer Patrick Kelly...Parties...Bart Bull on T-shirts
802 In this issue: Details, prices, stores, more

285-394 Images: James Burstall visits master coiffeur Alexandre de Paris...Dodie Kazanjian hires an image consultant...News in nail care...Celebrity fragrances...Paul Rudnick on late-night beauty TV...The best makeup brushes...Beauty answers...Hair answers
402-435 Fitness: With a focused workout, legs can be reshaped. By Janette Scandura. Fitness notes
554-568 Health: Food for thought: a survey of nutrition and medical newsletters. By Perri Klass, M.D. Munoxidil: now targeted for women with thinning hair. By Robin Marantz Henig. Health notes
572 Mind health: The politics of pregnancy: motherhood and women's rights. By Carol Tavris, Ph.D.
652-655 The new wave: Perms add fullness and style to short cuts
688-691 Autumn's colors: Fall's most noticeable makeup shades: pumpkin, amethyst, bronze

52, 60 Masthead<