1986    274 Pages    (Condé Nast), excellent condition


148-158 Vogue's View: People, Places, Ideas. By André Leon Talley
161 Point of View: What Changes, First this Season
162-171 What's Changing '86: Symbols of a New Season
172-189 What's Changing: Paris...a New Gentler Mood
190-205 What's Changing: Milan...a More Attractive Attitude
238-241 Backed by Color - Sizzling Swimsuits
242-249 The Paler, the Prettier - New Relaxed Dressing, New Coloring
250 Vogue Patterns: Pale and Pretty
252 Last Word

22 Beauty Now/Cover Look
28 BeautyStyle: Trends, Ideas, News. By Andrea Robinson and Dorothy Schefer
62, 108 Hair Now
68 Fitness Now: Mental Muscle. By Jane Ogle
86 Beauty Q&A
88 Health. By Melva Weber
112 Mind Health. By Carol Tavris, Ph.D.
222 AIDS: What Women Can Do. By Ellen Switzer
224-237 Beauty/Fitness: What's Changing '86
227 What's Changing: Skin Care. By Shirley Lord
229 What's Changing: Services. By Andrea Robinson and Dorothy Schefer
231 What's Changing: Beauty Trends
233 What's Changing: Exercise - The Pleasure Principle. By Dorothy Schefer
235 What's Changing: Diet. By Judith S. Stern, Sc.D., and Karen Anderegg
236 What's Changing: Fitness - Co-ed Gyms. By Shari Miller Sims
237 What's Changing: Working Out with Women. By Mark Strand
254-263 HealthStyle: Easy Breathing..."Juggling" Weights...more
260 Your Well-Being Optimism. By Barbara Lang Stern
263 Your Diet. Food Fights. By Judith S. Stern, Sc.D.

36-60 What's News, What's Coming: Movies, Art, Music...more
80 Between Us. By Lorraine Davis
99 Money: The Spirit of '86. By Susan Lee
102 Letter from Paris. By Edmund White
110 Cars and Women. By Lesley Jane Nonkin
115-120 Talking About Books: What's Best This Month
206 Peace to the World: Nobel laureates Bernard Lown and Yevgency Chavez. By Thomas Powers
208 Female Trouble: Margaret Atwood and Her Haunting New Novel. By Le Anne Schreiber
209 A Preview of The Handmaid's Tale. By Margaret Atwood
210 Jerry's Girls - A Broadway Celebration. By Leo Lerman
212 Estée Lauder, Face to Face. By Joan Juliet Buck
214-219 Picasso's Own: A Spectacular New Museum. By Barbara Rose
220 American Manhood. Made in Hollywood. By Margo Jeffrey

124 Food in Vogue. By Barbara Kafka
130 Living. By Barbara Plumb
134 The Best of Spirits: A New Taste for Scotch. By Alan Fraser
136 Entertaining. By André Leon Talley

138 Travel Now. By Richard Alleman
140 Miami's Virtues: Sun, Sea, Dazzle. By Michael Sorkin
143 Vogue Travel Guide
146 Into Africa: Tanzania's Ultimate Safari. By Wayne Lawson