1954    168 Pages    (Condé Nast), staining to bottom of front cover and first page, otherwise good.



Vogue's eye view, 1954: a different kind of woman.
A 1954 look at 1954 fashion.
Different now: suit outlines; sheath dress; what makes a hit dress; what makes a hat fit.
For immediate release: the 1954 skirt. Six pages of full-skirted news.
As of January: the suit completes itself.
As of January: the toirtoise-colored shoe.
The 1954 fabric news, the fashion it makes.
January news: year-round evening dresses.
1954 prints making a whole new impression.
Turkish impressions, traveling to the resorts.
The black bathing suit– return trip.
1954 after-bathing suits.
Lipstick red: 1954 beach news.
Make your own Paris copies via Vogue Patterns.
New way to look at linen.
New way to look at the sheeth.
Different now: the pale dress.
The pale-ground prints.
The thin man; how he gets that way, what he wears.
Resort clothes– they like them in black and white.
Jamaica shirt– grey and black striped linen.
Mrs. John R. Fell; Mrs. Thomas H. Choate; Mrs. Byrne MacDonald.
The Agnelli-Caracciolo Wedding.
People Are Talking About Going to Turkey.
Changes for 1954.
A Novelist's Guide: Cairo to Tokyo. By Nancy Wilson Ross.
"The Family Group." Painting by Eden Box.
People Are Talking About...
1954 Dining in the Kitchen.
1954 Cooking in the Living Room.
The new sidewise coiffure.
With a rosy print: "Pink Bonbon" lipstick.
With brilliant prints: "Startling" lipstick.
The lipstick colour that started a new beach fashion.
Beauty changes for 1954.
Vogue's Travelog.
Vogue's School and Camp Directory.
Shop Hound.

Vogue, January 1954

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