Cover detached, damaged along edges and taped, inside is fine.

NEW YORK'S STAR-PACKED SEASON Twelve-page spotlight on Where to Go in New York's all-time big-time season, faces and features – the top talents of theatre, ballet, opera, music, art.
WHAT-TO-WEAR FASHIONS Wrap for a stormy evening, Short dresses for big evenings, "Evening Long" – long dinner-dresses, Neither Too Young Nor Too Old – evening dresses, Ermine wrap for a gala good-evening, Elizabeth Arden's new fashion salon, Junior Fashions and small talk, Jersey dresses for North and South, Navy-blue wardrobe 
CHRISTMAS "Christus," Christmas, by Maria Mannes, Children – the real expendables, Gifts: Furs, Jewels, Perfumes, Gifts: Lingerie, Gifts of Beauty, Christmas Parties, COVER: Snowy Russian ermine beret, Ermine-collared black wool suit. Ermine muff. All, Hattie Carnegie originals. Complexion: Max Factor Hollywood "Pan-Cake Make-up."

Vogue December 15, 1944

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