1950    136 Pages    (Condé Nast), chipping to spine and edge wear to cover, otherwise good.



Vogue's eye view of two new cloths-by-chemistry.
Incoming fashions starring colour.
The purple east, fur-lined tweed.
New reds, and more.
New sealskin brown; bright details.
Parma violet coat; mauve-cast costume.
Grey with glitter.
New coffee-brown: Sanka.
Question: How long is a suit-jacket?
Mainbocher's "La Galerie".
Furriers' suits.
Cut-shorter furs. Cut-out shoes.
Short overcoats in fur. Shoes in two leathers.
Vogue Designs for Dressmaking: plans for college.
Narrow suits; just to wear with them.
Young fashions; the price a point.
Entertainers: bit parts.
In Washington. Sketches by Feliks Topolski.
The three "I's" of parenthood. By Frances Ilg, M.D.
Notes on Korea. By Mrs. Sanford Schwarz.
Israel... the arts.
Mrs. Winston Guest.
Mrs. Philip Isles.
Paris treasure house.
In Scotland, jor golf at St. Andrew.
Reading and listening. By Allene Talmey

Vogue, August 1, 1950

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