1954    178 Pages    (Condé Nast), chipping along spine, old tape at bottom of spine, otherwise good.


Vogue's eye view: April, pocket-size.
April shopping list of a Vogue reader. The big hat, brimming with dots.
The stocking dress, 1954 T-shirt fashion.
First Paris copies.
Evening beauties from the Paris Collections.
Summer print: Jamaica preview.
Summer beach news: much colour, much collar.
Summer prettiness: the needle-point bathing suit; the lattice-shirred beautiful.
Mrs. Exeter's favourite rule: dressing for dinner.
Soap and water specialists: children's clothes.
April skiing and after.
Italian sun shoes; Italian pants and sweaters.
Vogue Pattern story: the lady who traveled by sewing machine.
Fashion confidential: lingerie news.
Sea jewelry and changed white cotton gloves.
Cotton coats– count the hours.
Blue Sky Magic. By Molly Flagg Magee.
In Paris, Young Beauties Under Twenty.
Mrs. William C.T. Gaynor, Countess Jean de Lagarde.
Young Stars: Will They be Great?
Travel Name-Dropping. By Art Buchwald.
Handbook to the Highlands. By Mary Frost Mabon.
Coping with Discipline. By Victoria Lincoln.
Mondrian Real Life.
The Outside Story: Colour.
Georges Enesco.
People Are Talking About...
Delicious Way to Diet. By Elaine Ross.
Prison an Honour. By Nayantara Sahgal.
Good Coffee. By J. Frank Dobie.
"Startling" lipstick– redheaded shade of red.
Beauty, ready to sleep; beauty, ready to wake.
Complexion, ready-to-wear hatlines, necklines.
Beauty, ready-to-wear designs.
"Oh Men! Oh Women!".
Black Italian silk suit.
Vogue's Travelog.
Vogue's School and Camp Directory.
Shop Hound

Vogue April 1, 1954

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