Text in English and Japanese. This catalog accompanied the exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Technology and later the Kyoto Costume Institute in 1983. Curated by Koichi Tsukamoto and Richard Martin and Jun Kanai. Illustrated in color and black & white. 9" square, 118 pages.


"The endless arguments over the origins and meaning of clothes go on. Do we dress for such practical reasons as warmth or are we decorating and disguising our bodies? Are our garments for modesty or do they serve to express ourselves, our social status or our sexual natures? Or are we just keeping up with the Joneses by staying in fashion? The questions proliferate. Surely all are significant. it is clear that our outer garments send out multiple messages both conventional and intended and personal and unintentional. But what is worn underneath is a private matter with its messages for ourselves and our chosen intimates alone"

Undercover Story, Richard Martin, 1983 - Rare

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