1959 204 Pages (Condé Nast)

Condition: Back cover detached, front cover with edge creases and tears

Theatre suit in a blue-plum version of velvet, with a collarless, Chanel-y jacket, a skirt relaxed enough for theatre sitting. Underlining the jacket is the sheen of a cool blue satin overblouse with capped sleeves, a loosely-tied self-belt. By Mollie Paris, of Martin's acetate-and-rayon velvet. Warm new lighting - Elizabeth Arden Autumn Fires in make-up; here, Pink Spark lipstick, Autumn Smoke eye shadow. Suit, about $190. Castlecliff earrings. Both, Bonwitt Teller. Suit, also at Hutzler's; Julius Garfinckel; Neiman-Marcus. For shops in other cities, see page 192.

121 Vogue's eye view of the haute coiffure, in Paris, in America.
122 Paris Copies here and now: the new day looks, the suit range, the night looks.
144 Ten quick ways to use the fashion news in America.
146 City suits worn with a mix of furs.
148 Fur slants on the new city chic.
150 Putty with a new table of contents: the accessory life.
152 For evening: brocade shoes; pink taffeta with sables.
154 Fur coat transport– by lambs, by leopard.
156 Evening dresses under cover of sleeves.
160 The velvet sweater dress; the ripped jersey– both by night.
166 Knitted suit looks now.
168 The what-price? jersey suits.
170 New fashions: hamster pants, the short-form Ford.
172 Mink in the bland atmosphere– two day versions.
174 Ivory rose– the new lingerie rage.
178 New Americana– the brown shoe.
180 Vogue Patterns: Fake Zebra– new jacket life for black dresses.
182 No-nonsense coats for 7 to 14.

104 "Irish Story." by Claud Cockburn.
110 "The Laughing Lunch." By Michael Ayrton.
140 People Are Talking About...
141 Moss Hart with his son Christopher.
142 Advance Notice.
158 "Enemies of Charm... in Women– in Men." By Elizabeth Bown.
170 Gossipy Memo on Travel.
202 "I Will.: By Leonard Lyons.
203 "How Can You Lose with a Free Violin?" By Robert Fontaine.

184 1880 town house turned into 1959 town house-studio.
188 25 recipes, 7 maxims from Maxim's Academy.

162 The magic eye– how to have it.
164 The now facts about faces.

Vogue, Sept 15, 1959