1959 260 Pages (Condé Nast)

Condition: Cover worn at bottom corner and small piece missing from lower left side at binding, otherwise good. 


Amid this new sloe-eyed dazzle, make-up luxury is measured by subtlety. Here, lipstick is a slow-fire, sure-fire red called Plush. Eye shadowing is an atmospheric lavender applied twice - first in liquid eye liner (details, page 260) that lacquers a soft haze of lavender shadow stick (this applied last). All make-up by Charles of the Ritz, at Altman's. Details on the suit and hat, page 176.

175 Vogue's eye view of 10 ways to be trapped in a fashion maze, 10 escapes.
176 Sense of luxury: the new excitement in the American Collections.
188 Velvet for late-day: its new allurements.
192 The return of black– new shapes, a new jersey.
196 Town looks– paler wools.
198 1959 amounts of furring: fox lining; a new opossum.
200 The brigand coat– no stops at sundown.
202 Watches for a private eye.
203 Butterscotch plaid by day.
204 New U.S. ways with mink; fur-lined fur.
208 Vogue's Paris Collections reports– 20 pages.
230 Lingerie– luxe beyond its price.
232 Vogue Patterns: May Britt in the clothes she likes to wear.
234 Captial-gain fashions– news for the small investor.

112 "An Irish Fox Hunt over Stone-Wall Country." By Anita Leslie.
140 "The Day Statehood Came to Kenai." By Donnis Stark Thompson.
206 "You'll Never Hear Anything Like This." By George Bradshaw.
228 People Are Talking About... David Susskind; Hubbell Robinson.
238 Gossipy Memo on Travel.

64 "The Secret of Bruges." By Pamela Hansford Johnson.
152 "My Tunis." By Keith Williams.
252 "Sicily on a Vespa." By Andrew Sinclair.
255 "The Charming Eccentrics of Orkney." By Elisabeth Ayrton.

239 Country bedroom on 57th Street.
241 Seven bedrooms– plus.
246 "Home after Six." By Jane Bell.

164 Vogue's School Directory.
166 Shop Hound.
172 Vogue's Travelog.

Vogue, Sept 1, 1959