1959 144 Pages (Condé Nast)

Condition: Covers detached, interior of mag excellent. 


Part of a dress, all of a face - each, a success on its own. What shows of the dress: a white satin fichu (for the whole dress, see page 107). Giving the face satiny translucence: Flowing Velvet pressed powder in Petal Beige; this, with a protective moisting property built in. Lipstick: Dew Kissed Rose, also moisture-making; the eye shadow, Sage Green. All make-up Jacqueline Cochran, at Saks Fifth Avenue.

67 Vogue's eye view of who wears a hat.
68 The successes– this year's fashion Fords in night looks.
70 The white suit after six.
72 The gleaming coat; brocade suit.
74 Going successes: brocade; car.
76 Gala gold looks.
78 The coat that makes a costume.
80 Black– and the new brown factor.
82 Banked blaze– two ways, both by night.
84 Paris jewels.
86 The Givenchy idea in America.
88 Coat power by night.
96 The new mink blondness.
98 Furs on the double; shirt look.
100 Three lengths of evening.
102 Black suits: what's making them great again.
104 The 24-k. gold stocking; bronze shoes.
106 The new brilliance of brown.
108 News in the shirt-and-skirt life– great American fashion territory.
122 The grey flannel factor– plus mauve.
124 Nightlines in the shirt-and-skirt life.

53 "The Ravening Energy of Tokyo." By Derek Prouse.
90 8 new York Painters.
92 "A Lucky Investment." By George Bradshaw.
94 Katharine Cornell.
95 People Are Talking About...
120 New Gauge for Good Manners.
128 Gossipy Memo on Travel: Six Inns.

128 Country house reached by elevator.
132 Breakfast at a round table
133 "My Portuguese Friends and their Recipes." By Ida Donnat.
134 Dinner at a round table.

24 New note in perfume.
106 Perfume is not spinach.
126 Bosom perfection– new possibilities.

61 Shop Hound

Vogue, Oct 15, 1959