1959 198 Pages (Condé Nast)

Condition: Minor edge wear to binding and ink stamp from former library, otherwise good. 


One very good reason for the general excitement about this year's coat life is the brilliance of this, Nina Ricci's snugly belted, generously sleeved coat of a sure, heart-warming red wool. An unexpected addition is the subtraction of the collar, its replacement - an open throat framed by a triangular décolletage. Copied by Dan Millstein; about $125. Bonwit Teller; Hudson's; Neiman-Marcus: I. Magnin, Kislav gloves. New make-up highlighting: Max Factor's Goldfire Red lipstick.

113 Vogue's eye view of an honour.
114 Coats for a coat year– 12 pages documenting the new coats; the new undercoat looks.
128 Fatale prettiness– news for gala evenings.
136 New pillars of chic: the black evening dress.
138 Chanel copies in America: the day looks; the evening clothes.
142 Givenchy coat and suit.
144 The greatsuit– three versions.
146 Success story: miniature handbags in fur.
148 Night sweaters– a new look in evening dresses.
152 Paris-made boutique clothes in America now.
154 Mobile clothes: two lengths of car.
156 How to buy a fur coat.
158 Record furs with star quality.
160 Record furs with a figure.
162 Good Buys Bulletin: Fashion dollars– not for burning.
168 Silk lingerie and the sense of luxury.
170 The pale winter wools– to make from Vogue Printed Patterns.

20 "Welsh Hi-Fi." By Gwyn Thomas.
31 "Constructive Notes from a Querulous Cook." By Dolores Vanetti.
84 "Cabbages and Queens." By Ernesta Barlow.
130 "The Alluring Woman." By Patrick O'Donovan.
132 People Are Talking About...
133 Hugh Beaumont, London theatre power.
134 The Pony Club: New U.S. Phenomenon. By Candace Alig Van Alen.
150 "T.H. White: a writer strange, wise: an undefeated witness against evil." By Siriol Hughes Jones.
172 Gossipy Memo on Travel.
192 "Israel without Splendours." By Dan Jacobson.
194 "Calabrian Journey." By Lanfranco Rasponi.

126 Lipstick by heart.
127 The paintbrush eye.
147 A sense of balance– skin equilibrium.

98 Vogue's Travelog.
100 Vogue's School DIrectory.
102 Shop Hound.

Vogue, Oct 1, 1959