1960 230 Pages (Condé Nast)

Condition: Very minor edge wear to binding, one ad cut out, otherwise excellent.


The dress you can't get through summer without: it might be this narrow linen shaft, square-throated (though the throttling has been moved south), with a square linen dickey and an elasticized waist that's sash-belted. To own in several colours - here it's jonquil yellow. In Irish linen, about $20. Lord & Taylor; Halle Bros.; Gus Mayer; I. Magnin. Parasol-sized straw Breton by Mr. John Coro bracelets. Crucial to the look here is the feeling that this is a woman who has a definite image of how she wants to look this summer: with all fussiness sloughed away; lips, eyes, brows, strongly defined; colours clear and vivid.

139 Vogue's eye view of the last of the girl next door.
140 The sound of fashion– what makes a summer wardrobe tick.
150 New R month for pearls.
152 Summer black and brown; beauty byplays.
158 Mainbocher's pale silk partnership: limit blue.
168 The permanent week-end clothes list.
182 Short-cut to summer fashion: follow the pink line.
184 The fashion personality of Baroness de Rosnay: her Paris clothes choices.
190 The fashion resonance of summer suits.
192 The sunny disposition look.
194 Cotton du monde.
196 10 bathing suits for 2 different women.
198 For the new summer shoes: bare-brown stockings.
200 Vogue Printed Patterns: Summer pillow talk.
202 Fashion Naturals U.S.A.: The purple and white connections.
207 Clothes on summer location.
212 The 6-oz. bathing suit.

60 "Found: a Man's World– Iran." By Lanfranco Rasponi.
137 "The Grand Canyon of France." By Mary Roblee Henry.
150 12 Mistakes Worth Making.
158 "Mannequin." By Colette.
160 "White Cominant." By Alexander Liberman.
161 People Are Talking About...
162 Buckminster Fuller and his dome.
164 The mysterious ivory throne of Ivan the Great in the Kremlin.
165 "Moscow with a Fresh Eye." By Margaret Case.
166 Mrs. Francis L. Kellogg; Mrs. Charles B. Wrightsman.
188 "The Best of the Best.": Quick Tastes of the New Books.
204 Salty Delights of Lisbon.

152 New sun-ripe lipstick for bamboo and brown.
178 Taking a chance on beauty.
180 The sound of beauty– new coral harmony.
212 12-minute exercise success, people-tested.

108 Vogue's School and Camp Directory.
120 Shop Hound.
130 Vogue's Travelog

Vogue, May 1960

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