1959 116 Pages (Condé Nast)

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First of July look that promises not to skip a beat of its charm on the way to October - honeyed skin; a touch more of eye-makeup; lipstick a touch pinker; hair worn loose, longish, apparently streaming sunshine. To that end, you might investigate the news off a temporary coloured and hair-conditioner by Helen Curtis - Riviera Rinse, in a sunniness called Spice Brown. One salon dispensing this sunshine now: Maison Antoine, at Saks Fifth Avenue. Lipstick-coloured gloves, by Wear-Right. At Saks Fifth Avenue.

39 Vogue's eye view of skiing in July.
40 Never-out-of-season dressing.
41 The velvet hat– one full year's worth of fashion.
42 Paisley answer service– continuous.
46 Never-out-of-season black.
50 Breather for black– the pale crêpe dress.
52 Black-dress substitutes: colour simples.
54 New answer to black– pale black.
64 California clothes rush– the grape colours.
82 Blue and black: the ticket in town now.
84 Paisley print for dining at home.
87 Summer dining-at-home dress.
88 Puerto Rican clothes photographed in the Virgin Islands.
90 Midsummer travel suit.
92 The brigand coats.
94 Three coats– each with a flip side.
96 Ilka Chase's round-the-world travel clothes.
98 Puerto Rico– the clothes to get around in.
102 Bathing suits in PR– off the ground.
104 Vogue Patterns: the little black dress– cross-season clothes current.

4 "How to be a guest on a boat." By Sally Iselin.
56 People are talking about.
57 Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.
58 Sports Figures in Action.
60 "Gypsy" – new musical.
62 Kim Novak.
63 Millie Perkins.
72 "A Plea for Flirtation." By Marya Mannes.
74 Beauty– Continuing Countess Bismarck.
80 "The Transatlantic Smiths".
88 Trans-season report– St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.
99 Puerto Rican notes.
106 Gossipy Memo on Travel.

78 Sounding simply marvelous– a new beauty routine for the voice.
85 The scented summer.


Vogue, July 1959