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37 Vogue's eye view: fantasTree
38 Penelope Tree in a dream of fashion - clouds of white organdie; ruffled crêpe dinner pyjamas; the poncho-shirt; pre-Raphaelite hair; the Greek-boy look in jersey; the mini-coatdress in white twill; the short evening shirtdress; the Goya snood - all in American fabrics
52 Look great in the U.S. fabrics - the new romantic tailoring; the demi-long dress
62 Vogue Patterns: short jersey jump; mini-culotte suit
70 The beautiful people in the snow...at St. Moritz
76 Sculpture for the wearing. By Giora Novak
84 Hold the press: more good news about the "In" crease - clothes with permanent press
90 Denim - the newest ways to wear it. Photographed in Bahia.
106 The sun set: bathing suits and beach looks
116 Vogue's Own Boutique of Suggestions, Finds, and Observations

64 People Are Talking About...Sir Alec Guinness and Simon Ward
66 Absolute Fonteyn By Marguerite Duras
90 Bahia, My Love. By Jorge Amado
104 Recharging Health and Vitality: New Views on Cellular Therapy. By Brian Inglis

112 Easy-Come, Easy-Stay: The Nicholas P. Goulandris House in Nassau

12 Beauty Checkout
78 Beauty Bulletin: Questions you wanted answered
82 Hair myths exploded: facts from dermatologist. By Jean Pierson
122 Vogue's Ready Beauty

26 Vogue's Spotlight: Movies. By Ann Birstein
28 Vogue's Spotlight: Theatre. By Anthony West
28 Vogue's Spotlight: Books. By Alfred Kazin
30 Prix de Paris Thesis
30 Vogue's Spotlight: Education. By Donald Barr
31 Vogue's Spotlight: The Underground. By John Gruen
32 Vogue's Notebook: Party at the French Consulate in New York
35 Men in Vogue...Notes, Quotes, and Votes
123 Vogue's Fashions in Travel. By Despina Messinesi
123 Vogue's School and Camp Directory

Vogue, Jan 15, 1968