1961 216 Pages (Conde Nast)

Condition: Age and thumbing wear to covers - rubbing, creases etc. Otherwise good. 


Mrs. John Kennedy sketched by René Bouché.
"People I Wish I Had Known." AN article written by Mrs. Kennedy in 1951, when, as Jacqueline Boucier, she won Vogue's Prix de Paris Contest.
Mrs. Kennedy's Inaugural Ball dress.
Designer-sketches of three Mrs. Kennedy's new evening dresses.


Blues that move with he times: 1961 American suit looks.
Fashion Naturals U.S.A.– what they have to say about the knitted life.
U.S. fur-signature– naturally mink.
The untyped suit in chiffon, in crêpe.
The great American $ mystery: knitted suits.
Making the scene with the white suit.
White– and what to wear with it: shoes, jewels, et cetera.
Great American looks in living colour.
The pink coat.
The prodigal diamond.
Chiffons that move with the night.
New suit architecture for spring.
16 powers in American life: get-about clothes, compact objects.
New collection of real-life clothes for little girls.
Vogue Patterns: how to make your own American look.


"Tranquilized Mice and III Wind." By Hildegarde Dolson.
"The Title Game." By Noel Perrin.
Vogue's eye view of the great transition.
Champions: 20 Americans with eh X Factor.
"Who Gets the Message?" By Eric Larrabee.
People Are Talking About... "All the Way Home."
George Washington Thanks the French – a 1783 Letter.
"Clues in the Handwriting of Famous Americans." By Dorothy Sara.
One Man's Ovation to America: The Watts Towers.


"Everything we want from a house," the satisfied Robert Osborns.


New coiffure controls.
The dime-a-dozen face: make-up avoid it.


Vogue's School Directory.
Shop Hound.
Vogue's Travelog

Vogue, Feb 1, 1961