Covers detached, binding edge missing, otherwise complete, good. 


First inkling of the zing and variety in store for this year - a jacket of zebra worn here by Brooke Hayward, the daughter of Margaret Sullavan and Leland Hayward. Among the "anythings" it might be tossed over: the new browns, setting off zing waves of their own this autumn, this issue. Cardigan jacket of jet-and-tan Kenya zebra. Made by Bn Kahn from a Scaasi design. Also at: Roberts Brothers, San Francisco; Creed's of Toronto. Gift and rhinestone jewellery at Altman's. Coiffure by Enzo da Perugia: a smooth, nicely calculated fling of hair, touched here by one of Roux's fawn-blond rinses.

65 Vogue's eye view of the fashion year... starting now.
66 Advance notice: American fashions– new suits, coats, day looks, all clued to 1959 hat thinking.
82 The brown shoe– it’s fabulous new force in fashion.
94 The late-day zing of black brocade.
96 At dinner now: the long crêpe dress.
98 The great new fur tailoring.
102 Mainstay suits with charming price tags.
104 48 fabric clues to the new clothes life.
106 Vogue Printed Patterns: cornerstone clothes for day and late-day.
110 If you live in the suburbs... six dashing day looks.
114 Shoe changes: in shape, in the makings.
116 Back-to-school clothes– a busload for the 7 to 14 girls.
120 What's in the dress life: three starters for autumn.
122 Young clothes copied from pre-collection Paris looks.

36 "The Other Spain." By Francine du Plessix Gray.
58 Paris beauties at a summer party.
78 "Mom, Were You Ever Miss Rheingold?" By Jean Kerr.
80 "Names in Lights: Who Are They?"
86 American Flavour– in the Lives of Eight Women Across the Country.
92 Friedrich Duerrenmatt.
93 People Are Talking About...
124 "Eames." By Allene Talmey.
130 Gossipy Memo on Travel.

130 A new look in the air– 17th-century look.
132 More of the 17th-century look.
134 Advance notice: new ways with furniture, walls, floors, windows.

Vogue, Aug 15, 1959