Modesty to Mod: Dress and Underdress in Canada, 1780-1967, by Katharine B Brett, Royal Ontario Museum


1967    (Toronto: Royal Ontario Museum, University of Toronto)


"This catalogue lists one hundred of the most important pieces in the exhibition. Dresses, suits and a few other garments are included; in the exhibition itself there is an even greater number. All of them were worn in Canada and most of them are from the Royal Ontario Museum's collection. Little remains from the early period - before 1850 - and we are grateful to those Museums and individuals who have generously lent costumes and accessories to help present a more complete picture of those times. On the other hand the Museum's collection is rich in costumes of the later periods and the task of selecting has been difficult. We have chosen clothing worn by as broad a cross section of society and from as many parts of the country as possible. Nevertheless, neither the exhibition nor the catalogue pretends to be a history of fashion, nor of costume worn in Canada; both are kaleidoscopes of clothing."


Some minimal wear to binding. 

Modesty to Mod exhibition catalogue (1967)

  • Canada $10.00; U.S.A. $15.00; Europe $20.00