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197 This Month Bazaar Is... Rich & Racy 
198-205 Rich & Racy--The Gold Rush Is On... The Most Sexy, Slinky Lamés, Silks, Leathers In Ever-Rich, Head-To-Toe Gold 
206-207 The Gold Standard: YSL And Deneuve... The Winning Combination Of Fashion And Beauty At Its Best In Gold-Plus-Black 
208-215 The Royal Beauty Looks
The Holiday Season's Most Majestic Makeup Colors, Fabulous Fashions On Eight Women As Glamorous As The Titles They Hold 
222-225 For Unbeatable Glamour... Adolfo! The Man Behind Your Most Perfect Nights
226-235 All Things Bright & Wonderful... Exquisite Jewels, Furs And Nighttime Clothes From Top Designers 
236-239 Dazzling Details For Evening... All-Out Luxury In Pumps, Watches, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces 
244-247 Nighttime Opulence... The Sexiest Tunics, Dresses, Blouses Starting At Only $120 
248-253 Petite Bazaar: Small... And Sensational! The Most Luxurious Furs And Evening Clothes For The Woman 5'4" Or Under 
254-261 Resort Now: The Ease You Love... A Preview Of The Smartest, Most Comfortable Warm-Weather Clothes From The Best New York Designers 

98-194 Status Gifts... Special Holiday Selection Of The Most Extravagant Indulgences 
108 Best Beauty Bets 
Beauty Questions... And Answers: Tips From The Props On Easy-To-Care-For Hair 
218-219 The Super Doctors: Who Treats The "Who's Who" 
219 The Beautiful People Diet: You Can Never Be Too Rich Or Too Thin... Super Chef Pierre Franey's Indulgent Gourmet Plan For Painless Weight Loss 
240-243 Sex Appeal Report
The Cinderella Makeover Guide: quick, Easy Tips On Skin Care, Hair And Makeup 
What Men Really Go For--Experts Explain The Man's Point Of View
Do You Have Sex Appeal?--A Special Quiz To Test Your Appeal Quotient 

32 Lichtenstein: Creating Art From Art
40 "In" New York Restaurants 
82 First-Class Investing: How The Rich Get Richer 
106 When In Paris: Visit The Plaza Athénée 
216-221 Your Guide To Exclusivity. Rolls-Royce: Status Behind The Wheel 
The Super Doctors: Who Treats The "Who's Who" 
The Beautiful People Diet: You Can Never Be Too Rich Or Too Thin 
Why America Needs A Royal Family 
262-264 Keep Your Eye On: Tennessee Williams 

16 TravelBazaar: California Wine Country 
280 Horoscopes

Harper's Bazaar, November 1981

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