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11-12 Sport Of The Month: Spring Skiing--Bright Ways To Layer... To Keep Warm And Dry 
131 The BazaarThing... Great Rain Gear--Coats, Pants, Bags, Shoes And Umbrellas That Keep You Dry In Style
133 This Month, Bazaar Is... Updating Your Look! There's More Than One Way To Wear Everything
134-153 The Difference For Spring
Easygoing Style--Best New Looks From The European Collections: Extravagant Color; Exotic Prints; Thinnest Suedes; Romantic Fabrics; Coolest Linens; Irresistible Dresses; Weather-Beaters; T-Shirts Over Pants ; Black & White Impact; Shorts And Blouses
158-165 P.M. Dressing: A World Of Charm
Chloe's Short-Dress; Missoni's Sweatering; Kenzo's Boldness; Saint Laurent Pantsuiting; Issey Miyake's Sheer Suit 
168-181 The Look Of Success 
All-Out Evening Glamour; Taffeta Blouses; Black & White Sophistication; Softest Leathers; Silk Blouses; Rain Coverings 
184-187 To Update, To Underscore
Accessory Color--Bright, Shape-Defining Accents; The Triple Play Of Red/Black/White 
192-195 The Bazaar Touch: Fashion Finds Under $100
Firsts For Spring 
196-199 Office-Into-Evening: Clothes That Work Overtime 
Pantsuiting; Dresses; Jacket Looks; Suits That Work Around The Clock 

32, 40, 48 Best Beauty Bets 
52, 57, 110 Best Beauty Bets 
154-157 Special Health Section: High-Risk Addiction 
The Addictive Personality 
Drug Highs: Thrillers Or Killers? 
Are You Fed Up With Being Fat? 
Five Ways Not To Gain Weight 
Fasting: Breaking The Food Addiction 
Miracle Juice Day Diet 
166-183 The Look of Success
166-167 Bianca Jagger: Sensuous Color 
170-171 Your Eyes: The Most Expressive Part Of Your Face 
182-183 Your Lips: getting Exactly The Right Message Across 
188-191 Shortcut Beauty Guide: How To Look Sensational On Your Way Up 
Supermodels' Secrets For Beautiful Hair 

58-84 Bazaar's Self-Improvement Guide--Working & Making It! How To Rise To The Top 
Secretary: Best Place To Start? 
The Job Pros: Where To Go For Help 
Women In Sales: Setting The Stage For Success 
The New PR: How To Use It To Sell Yourself 

10 TravelBazaar: Cross-Country Skiing 
Tips For First-Time Skiers 
210 Horoscopes

Harper's Bazaar, March 1980

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