166 Pages , excellent condition but for some cover rippling and small grease stain on back cover. 


88-93 Brazilia: Strong Forms 
96-101 Rio: Beach Cockatoos 
102 Rio: Beach Contrasts 
108 The Time of The Halter 
110 The New Paint of Fashion '67 
120 Portugal: Butterfly Style 
122-127 Portugal: Beach Butterflies 
128-135 Fun '67 Portugal Style 
140-147 G.L.D.'s (Great Little Dresses) North or South 

20 Beauty Bazaar 
30 What A Wonderful Beauty Idea 
94 Names I Keep Under My Hat 
106 Beauty Independent: Lady Sarah Crichton-Stuart 
112 Fun '67 Paint Your Legs 

87 The Hundred Years Ahead 
104 The Sun of The Abyss--By Francis Ponge 
114 New Year's Resolutions--By Patrick O'Higgins 
116 Portugal's Sporting Scene 
118 Portugal, My Love--By Mary Jean Kempner 
136 Not To Be Missed--By Geri Trotta 
138 The First Hundred Years of Being First (Harper's Bazaar 1867-1967) 
150 Esoterica, Here We Come--By Morton Gottlieb 

25 Needles and Pins 
52 His Bazaar 
64 Jewelry Bazaar 
73-74 Eye on The Sky
85 The Editor's Guest Book 
153 News Flash! 
154 School and Camp Directory 
158 Hostess Bazaar 
160 Shopping Bazaar

Harper's Bazaar, January 1967

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