204 Pages, cover abrasions some chipping damage to spine at top and bottom. 



111 Shades of Here and Now 
112-117 The Harper's Bazaar Look 
120-129 The Girl in Knit 
136-141 The Kicky Cockney Shoe 
142 Signaling Spring Traffic 
144 Go-Greens with White 
146 Chameleon Chamois 
148 Go-Greens
150-153 Pep Pill Greens
156-163 Fashion Math 
166-169 Furs for Now 
176-179 The Kinetic Air 
180-183 California Independents 

170-173 "My Father..."

76 What a Wonderful Beauty Idea 
78 Beauty Bazaar 
118 Eye Spy in Color 
130 The Precious Ounce of Prevention 
132 Staying Young Forever
184 Soft Flutings of Hair 

109 Bazaar's Fashion Telepathy 
135 The Sparkle of Diana Hyland 
154 The New Plight of Husbands--By Natalie Gittelson 
164 The Drugged Society, Part I: The Dark at the Top of the Fix By Anthony West 
174 The Loving Tongue--A Story by Gerald Jay Goldberg 
190 Two Poems by Naomi Lazard 

22 Not To Be Missed
48 Scene and not herd: Communiqué from .--...-- --...//
56 Jewelry Bazaar 
72 Travel Bazaar: Athens and the Gulf of Corinth 
94 Book Bazaar  
98 Hostess Bazaar 
103 The Editor's Guest Book 
189 Bazaar's Travel Directory 
194 School and Camp Directory 
198 Shopping Bazaar

Harper's Bazaar, February 1966

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