196 Pages, cover torn and taped, otherwise good.


97 What America Does Best: Go 
98-109 Spirited St. Louis 
114-121 Great Shape U.S.A. 
124-131 The Blue Coat, The New Note 
136-145 Canada: Her Children 
146 Xerox Speaks and Stripes Run in Circles 
148 Xerox Rules and Straight Lines Run Wild 
150 Xerox Trades and Checks Fly 
152 Xerox Prints and It Makes Hot Copy 
154 Xerox Clicks and Plaids Are in the Picture 
156 High-Stepping Spirit 
158 Taking the Hurdles 
160-165 Fashion That Rivets 
168-171 Bright Beneath the Mini 
175 What America Does Best: Legs 
176-181 Furs About Country 
182 Nova Scotia's Littlest Fashion Plates 

32 What a Wonderful Beauty Idea 
40 Beauty Bazaar 
166 Keep the Uglies in the Attic 
172 Beauty and the Beast: The Computer 

46 Mary Chaffee--by Jordan Crittenden 
54 The King and the Burning Boy--by Fielding Dawson 
76 Gary McFarland Talks about Jazz--by Ha Stanger
93 Not To Be Missed--by Geri Trotta 
110-113 International Idiom: American Jazz--by Nat Hentoff 
122 For the Sake of Fashion--by Gloria Guinness 
132-135 The Third Mind--by William S. Burroughs 

21 Needles and Pins--The Language Grab
51 Eyes on the Sky 
66 His Bazaar 
69 Scene and Not Herd--Jane Dow-Jones Talks 
89 Travel Bazaar--Opera Across the U.S.A. 
92 Jewelry Bazaar 
93 Hostess Bazaar 
95 The Editor's Guest Book 
184 Travel Directory 
186 School and Camp Directory 
189-195 Shopping Bazaar

Harper's Bazaar, August 1967 (one of two issues available)

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